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1 HS Year Round Coaching HS Year Round Coaching
Tournament Preparation Nutrition and Workout Plan Purposeful Practice games Periodization

  • Tuesday’s Thursday’s Saturday’s
  • Start Anytime
  • 3 or 4 -90min sessions monthly
  • 6:1 student teacher ratio
  • $199 X 6months or $249
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2 MS Year Round Coaching MS Year Round Coaching
Year Round Ages 14-17 Comprehensive accelerated path to improved performance in competition. Players will learn The Scoring Method, Purposeful Practice and the Tour Player Mindset.

  • 3-6 90 min sessions monthly
  • 1 on course playing lesson monthly
  • Thursdays & Saturdays
  • Written Improvement Plan
  • Tournament Preparation
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3 Golf Camps / First Tee Golf Camps / First Tee
Learn the basic grip, stance, posture, pre-shot routine, and alignment procedures along with basic seeing faults and fixes.

  • Learn fun collaborative games
  • Learn friendly environment
  • Weekly 1 hour sessions
  • Make Golf for Life
  • On Course Introduction
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4 Little Tikes Coaching Little Tikes Coaching
Children will learn First Tee Core Values, Fun Games will engender team environment, build relationships with others.

  • Build a Team Learning Environment
  • Fun Games in Team Environment
  • Dealing with Failure
  • Basic Rules of Golf
  • The Hat System
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