Jim Estes

Jim Estes is a PGA golf professional who combines 25 years of experience, competing and coaching at the highest level. In his quest to play the PGA Tour, Jim left no stone unturned. Jim's PGA Tour-proven coaching is the result of working with Bob Rotella, David Cook, Ric Jensen and other experts in the areas of mental performance, 3D biomechanics, Fitness, and Swing. Having never won at the college level, Jim knows the blueprint to unlock your potential! Qualifying for the PGA TOUR, winning Web.com and being named the PGA of America's 'Player of the Year' has enabled Jim Estes Golf to help over 55 kids play college golf.


Kevin Wei
Kevin Wei
Kevin Wei dropped 30 shots thanks Jim Estes Golf
Kevin dropped from 115 to 85 in 12 weeks

Awards and Certificates

Golf Digest Innovator of the Year 2007

Washington Catholic Athletic Conference Golf Coach of the Year 2014

GRAA Golf Range Association of America Growth of the Game Award Winner 2014-15-16

2010 National PGA Patriot Award

2008 PGA Middle Atlantic Section player of the year

2011-2020 Golf Digest Best Teacher in State Rank 9th.

1995 PGA of America National Player of the Year

GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Winner